My Story: Investing, Trading and Lossing Money to Making Money

My journey started in late 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. But before telling you my financial story, let me tell you my background. I have a degree in Economics and was interested from day 1 in understanding how the economy works and how I can make money from it.

As I mentioned, I started trading in late 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Unfortunately, I lost almost all of my savings in the first year of trading, which amounted to $30,000, while the stock market (S&P500) had increased 30%-100% depending on when you entered the market. I lost my money trading stocks, leveraged stocks, options, futures, crypto, and forex.

I tried everything… even futures, and I lost everything.

It was a harsh lesson to learn, but I persevered through the challenging times and continued to educate myself.

The pandemic brought new investors into the market, and the financial industry exploded. I remained cautious and focused on creating strategies and finding ways to make my money back.

I learned from my mistakes and decided that I would not trade again, only if I had a working strategy. I realized the importance of patience and that statistics work in the market rather than trying to time the market.

While developing my new strategies, I had a full-time job to cover my expenses. But I want to get the money I lost in the market back. I started trying different side hustles to save money, so when the time comes, I used them in my strategy.

My hard work and dedication to learning and developing paid off. I could gain back all of my lost money and even multiply it. I am a testament that mistakes can lead to valuable lessons and eventual success. My story reminds all investors and traders that patience, education, following the strategy, and persistence are key to achieving financial goals.

I created this blog and partnered with experts to share our knowledge and to prevent you from losing all your money.

Best of luck with your future investments!